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Garden and Skies

RERA : PRM/KA/RERA/1251/308/PR/180222/002389

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Garden and Skies, the project that took the town by storm, is now officially sold out and completed! What made it so irresistible? Let's take a glimpse into the world that 103 fortunate families now call home. Nestled along the coveted 300 feet Ring Road, Garden and Skies redefined luxury living for everyone. The tranquil townhouses, each an epitome of elegance, are surrounded by fresh air and lush greenery—a rare find in the city. Every villament is a masterpiece, boasting scenic streetscapes and breathtaking views. Picture waking up to verdant vistas from your bedroom window, or sharing twilight moments in the serene garden with your loved ones. These were the everyday luxuries that Garden and Skies offered.

The duplex houses, featuring double bedrooms, provided ample space for families to thrive. Spread across 3.7 acres of meticulously planned land, Garden and Skies quickly became the address everyone desired. Residents became more than neighbors; they became a vibrant community. The communal spaces, brimming with amenities, offered endless opportunities for leisure and connection. Imagine lounging by the luxurious Swimming Pool, honing your skills at the Badminton Court/Multipurpose Hall, or keeping fit in the well-equipped Gymnasium. The young ones had their haven too—a specially designed Kid’s Play Area where laughter echoed every day. And for the busy bees, the neighborhood cafeteria and in-campus grocery store made life oh-so-convenient.

But atlast, Garden and Skies is now a memory of a hit project that captured hearts and sold out in record time. Congratulations to the lucky homeowners who secured their spot in this extraordinary community! Missed your chance? Don't worry; there's always something special on the horizon. Stay tuned for our upcoming projects that promise to redefine luxury living once again. Thank you to everyone who made Garden and Skies a resounding success. Until next time,

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Indulge in our individual villaments set amidst scenic streetscapes

Wake up to verdant vistas from your bedroom—a delightful dawn awaits. Spend twilight moments with your loved ones in the garden, crafting everlasting memories. Our duplex houses, with double bedrooms, ensure ample space for a lovely family.

Garden and Skies

Total Villas:
East & West
Villa type :
Duplex Townhouse
Anekal , Bangalore

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Take the life quality to an upper level

Garden and Skies has elevated every owner to the level of luxury. The tranquil townhouses that embraces fresh air with the secluded garden, is attached to the approved 300 feet Ring Road. The individual villaments are set in scenic streetscapes that has splendorous space and sight. The verdure view from the bedroom, is such a delightful dawning sight. The twilight spend with your loved one in the garden, could be an everlasting memory every night. The duplex houses with double bedroom gives definite space for a lovely family.

Offering splendid space and breathtaking views

Spread over an area of 3.7 acres of land, there are 103 houses that are homes to 103 families. The families come together as a community at the communal space that has both indoor and outdoor niceties including Swimming Pool, Badminton Court / Multipurpose Hall, a Gymnasium, Indoor Games Centre, a Kid’s Play Area.

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