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Crafting Tomorrow's Stories, Today: Our Journey Unveiled.

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Discover Confidence with Roja Properties

Mr. M. M. Yuvaraj:

With an incredible experience of more than two and half decades as a land banker, Mr. M. M. Yuvaraj has enabled, 100s of owners in investing into, hassle – free land and projects. He himself being an owner of the project ‘Farmville’ and ‘Garden and Skies’, is very apprehensive about delivering the best homes at the best price. Through his expertise is the field of construction, we have completed numerous residential and commercial buildings in the prime vicinities of Bangalore.

Mr. M. Y. Santosh:

Mr. Santosh is a visionary leader in civil engineering whose expertise has been integral to our company's success. With more than ten years of experience in the field, his exceptional skills and dedication have played a crucial role in our ventures' accomplishments. Santosh's keen attention to detail is evident in the innovative designs he has led for projects like 'Farm Ville,' 'Garden & Skies,' 'Farm Ville Ibiza,' and 'Soul Garden.' Mr. Santosh is highly praised by our clients for his passion in designing spaces that go above and beyond expectations. His skill in combining practicality with beauty ensures that each project not only serves its purpose but also becomes a place of inspiration and charm.

Our Vision

The long sighted vision of the company is to enable every aspirant to own their dreams houses without any hustle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to listen to your concerns with curiosity, communicate with honesty and deliver the projects with integrity.


There is no stepping away from what is right for the convenience. Our projects will always be trustworthy.


Our passion in being honest has earned us, the most customers. We build with passion and that magic brings satisfaction to clientele.


Procuring high-quality materials directly from the manufacturers enables us to provide the best homes at the lowest price.


We are assertive about being non-compromising, with three decades of experience pooled together from our founders.

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Who we are?

Since 2016 Roja Incorp is intended in delivering the best homes to our customers at the modest budget possible. Seasoned with a talented team, under the guidance of our founders, we have delivered two projects successfully – Garden and Skies and Farm Ville & Ibiza. The overwhelming responses from the benefiters, and the entreaties from those who couldn’t get their hands on our previous projects, fortified us in developing the Soul Garden. We are aimed at delivery luxury houses at conventional price. Extravagance need not be expensive.


Affordable Luxury

Roja Incorp is committed to delivering homes that blend luxury with affordability, making high-quality living accessible to a broader audience.


Integrity in Construction

Our company prioritizes integrity in every aspect of construction, ensuring that promises are not just made but consistently fulfilled, and projects are built with authenticity.


Passionate Craftsmanship

We infuse passion into our work, ensuring that each project is a masterpiece crafted with dedication and attention to detail, resulting in satisfaction to our clients.

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Buildings are not just bricks and mortar, they speak emotions!